Sunday, August 28, 2011


I recently ended up doing a series of Harry Potter drawings for myself and a couple of friends. It started off as just one drawing of myself, but there were five of them by the time I was done. It maybe got a little out of hand but I had a lot of fun doing them, despite the number of times that my boyfriend pointed out to me that I was spending a lot of hours on a series of completely unpaid projects.

The second half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was coming to theaters, and lots of people were getting back into the Potter spirit. A friend of mine drew a picture of herself as a Hogwarts student and posted it on Facebook. I thought it was a great idea and decided to be a total biter and make my own.

It probably would have ended there, but there was also a Patronus generator meme going around that was causing a lot of hilarity, mainly because it had an extremely limited Patronus selection and was therefore less than capable of giving people everything they expected from a personalized Patronus. Thinking it would be fun to find out what kind of witch/wizard my friends would be if they really had a choice in the matter, I typed up a little questionnaire meme asking people to post information about their magical personas - wizard names, Hogwarts house, wand type, Patronus, etc. My friend Nathan, who is a big bearded guy that loves small cutesy creatures, chose a flying squirrel as his Patronus, and the image of that was so hilarious that I ended up drawing this for fun and posting it on his Facebook.
Once that happened and people got the idea I was giving out drawings, two more friends of mine dropped subtle hints that they might like some for themselves, and I ended up doing two more...

...although that second one got delayed for awhile, because it turns out my friends over at the Order of the Triad podcast were gearing up to do a Harry Potter episode and asked me if I would do some Potter-themed artwork for them.
I had a lot of fun and was pleased that everyone seemed happy with their artwork. Now that the Potter craze has died down again I haven't received any more requests, but if this Pottermore thing takes off...who knows.

Click here to listen to the Order of the Triad podcast:

The font used on the Order of the Triad: Episode 9 3/4 pinup is Harry P by Phoenix Phonts, available for download at