Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cute Monster Contest!

Hey everybody!

This month I'm entered in a T-shirt contest on The theme was "cute monsters" so I figured, hey! I can do the monster part at least! (I tried to do the cute part too but I've been told many times that my idea of cute is not everybody's.).  So if you have a DA account and like what you see, shoot me a VOTE! (Even if you've already voted for an entry in this contest, guess what? You can still vote for me! Yay!).

 Shirt Front
Shirt Back

Click here to vote: (The voting button is the one that says "I'd Wear This!" right under the "Add to Favorites" button).

Any and all votes, attention, promotion and/or support is greatly appreciated as there is a cash moneys prize and all proceeds will go to the very good causing of helping me pay off the new car I had to buy after my old one died last week. :/