Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Tiny Show

Yesterday was the Tiny Show, the first art gallery I've participated in since being hired at Fox. Obviously, the entire show was for small-format works...which was nice because that was the ONLY guideline I had to follow, leaving me free to create whatever madness popped into my brains. It was super exciting/terrifying to both see more personal work from the artists I work with and showcase my own. Plus I got interviewed, which I think I handled okay, despite the fact that I was worried I might have Dorito dust on my teeth.

Anyway, here's what I submitted:

 Big Bite, Prismacolor pencil on toned paper over Copic marker, with acrylic texturing.

Dreadmole, Super Sculpey clay, acrylic paint and clear Epoxy.

And, hey! They both sold!
So I will definitely be doing this again. In fact, I will be doing it again next week. Because that is when the next show is going to be. The theme for that one is "Origins," a multi-layered and complex theme deserving of deep thought and consideration.

I'm gonna submit a monster with big teefs.

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  1. Love the handle you have over your rendering. The emphasis on mouth is great.